Leia Cypress silk satin ribbon

28,00 $

If you’re looking for aтщерук hair accessory to rock with your hairstyles, a silk hair ribbon is what you need. It will be a perfect finishing touch on your outfit! And it will add a romantic touch even to very simple hairstyles. All our ribbons are made from high-quality mulberry silk satin so they are sleek and gentle on damaged hair.

Additional information


100% mulberry silk satin

Style Details

A basic length is 92 cm (36"), and the ribbons are 4,5 cm wide (1,7").


Hand wash in 30 degree water with a specialist silk detergent or dry clean. Iron on a silk mode to keep the luster of silk.

Size & Fit

Our new silk ribbons can be worn in multiple ways:
– make even the simplest ponytail pretty by wrapping silk ribbon around the elastic to cover it and tie in a bow;
– tie it around ponytail and leave long ends;
– tie the silk scarf around your bun;
– do a ribbon braid;
– tie the ribbon in a knot over the elastic at the end of the braid and leave the ends of the ribbon long;
– wrap your silk ribbon around your head as a headband;
– wear it as a choker or a tie around your neck;
– your ideas?